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on the every word. from the kansas city president, george, and carls, and st. louis president and cleveland fed president, and esther george, the key one to watch. >> now the number two thing to watch, wednesday, we have the commerce department releasing retail sales for january. sales are expected to rise a little bit. auto sales, a key driver in december's move higher. >> a little bit bit. number one thing to watch, initial jobless claims come out thursday, expected to drop by 6,000 from 360,000. claimed dropped by 5,000, less than expected, and the four week moving average fell by 15,000 since the start of the year. there's always revisions that come up. >> living room. -- all right. stay safe. i'm going to dry to drive hem. david, be safe. me liz is is next. melissa: here's what "money" tonight. it's the real estate story, america. housing coming barks, but is it? what are the biggest mistakes that people are making in the market? four industry heavy weights to weigh in. plus, caught red handed. a legal iranian weapons seized in yemen revealing arms sales that could destabilize the region.
fransisco and new york are the two cities in the united states of america that have the greatest barrier to entry. the demand for housing far exceeds the ability of the marketplace to produce that housing. the appreciation is really based upon the inbalance between supply and demand. melissa: uh-huh. new york as well, by zillow thinks it's up half a percent in new york, one of the worst places to buy. >> you can't believe zillow. you really have to -- [laughter] i mean, if you -- if you look at what people said about housing, they said that nobody would buy houses anymore, and it was over. melissa: do you think prices in new york are going up half a percent? >> prices in new york city, and when they take new york, new york state is in effect. new york city, we are back to the prices that we were at the boom. we're at 98% of the value of the homes before the boom. melissa: anything changed? >> financing, much harolder. melissa: you have to have more money? >> yes, and very, very good credit. melissa: what changed? l.a. is an area, i have friends hurt out there, bought their home, collapse
an ice rink in central park. it's a beautiful place. the city government was working on it for years and cost overruns and finally donald trump stepped in and said, hey, look, give it to me i'll do it in six months at half the cost. he did it even faster than that. doesn't steve have a point that private sector should be linda in author these things? >> steve makes a great point. i understand rick's impulse here. if you go back to the 1930s, a lot of public works projects were accomplished and did pretty well. you have things like the golden gate bridge four years. now it takes seven years to build an access road to the golden gate bridge. we have extraordinary stopping power from environmental groups, public work unions have slowed down everything. it just doesn't work like liberals want it to work anymore. we have to do a private mechanism. >> dave: let me throw a bone in rick's direction. we have an incredible highway system in the united states. that was done in the 1950s. can't we replicate that when it comes to bridges? >> if we couldn't do it under president obama in 2009 when
. baltimore might be the title town, but the city's tax and spending problems could bring it down. now the cavuto team say some in washington are taking a page out of baltimore's play book that could sack us all. that's at the bottom of the hour, but up here, first, those automatic spending cuts bearing down. now, the scare tactics from both sides are ramping up. but someone here says the real scare is if these automatic cuts don't happen. we explain now back to bulls an bea bears. >> brenda: so, we're less than three weeks away from those automatic spending cuts kicking in and both sides wasting no time playing up the fear. the white house releasing a laundry list of programs it says will take a hit and house speaker john boehner saying this. >> i think it's taking a meat ax to our government, a meat ax to many programs. >> yet, 73% of americans say cutting government spending is more likely to strengthen the u.s. economy so gary b, are these automatic cuts actually good? >> the best thing i think that could happen. you know, obama should go back to his purge on the billionaires sayin
to be the last word. thanks so much, good debate. baltimore might be the title town, but the city's tax and spending problems could bring it down. now the cavuto team say some in washington are taking a page out of baltimore's play book that could sack us all. that's at the btom of the hour, but up here, first, those automatic spending cuts bearing down. now, the scare tactics from both sides are ramping up. but someone here says the real scare is if these automatic cuts don't happen. we explain the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the vture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, yoguys! and with double miles you can actually use, you never miss the fun. beard gring contest ango! ♪ i win! what's in wallet? spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gu
have exposure through, like jpmorgan, pnc, state street, citi. let's take a look at the spdr select etf. it's a basket of these names. it's risen to four year highs. not quite at five year highs. but four year highs. the idea being that money is flowing out of bonds and back into stocks. and if rates were to tighten somewhat, not too much, but tighten, the yield curve is good for bank lending and hence good for bank stocks since the spread between deposits taken in and the fees earned on loans widens. taking that a step further, individual names, look at goldman sachs, it is trading at a 52 week high. right now goldman up by $1.79. we have citi up $1.27. decent gain for citi at 3%. look at that level at $44.42. it's finally getting closer to what some investors who got in before that gigantic reverse stock split were hoping to see it at. we have got wells fargo, wells fargo moving higher by 26 cents at 35.53. and aig, the insurance giant is now reversing, but it did hit one-year highs earlier today. right now down just about 1 1 1/4 -- 1 1/4%. i want to point out once again, bank of ame
in the city of st. louis. today there are nine. you want to tell me how good we are doing? there used to be a meat market on every third corner. there used to be a florist on every fourth or fifth corner. do you want to find me a local florist? this is a bunch of bull when they say that we have made it. they businesses have gone more successful. small businesses are going down the tubes. how many mom-and-pop businesses are there left anymore. when you get out of big cities like new york, there are no little grocery stores. there are no little convenience stores on neighborhood corners anymore. small businesses are dying a rapid debt. when you consider how many tens of thousands of businesses have gone under in the last 25 years. mr. president, answer that question for me. >> i would just say, mr. president, commie. because before you make another one of these boneheaded decisions, talk to me. i am going to tell you what the consequences of that decision. we will go up and we will talk to the president. neil: the president is never ever going to call you. [laughter] you will never get
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with an employer-issued smartphone. a chicago police sergeant claim it is city owes him overtime pay for all of the time he's spent answering e-mails outside work on his smartphone. he says he was pressured by his bosses to be available after hours, but he wasn't paid for that time. now as many as 200 other officers are expected to sign on to the suit, and it could cost the city of chicago millions. so should you be getting paid for answering your e-mails on your blackberry at home? with me now are arthur eye dahlia and employment expert katherine misnshu. thanks to both of you for joining us. arthur, this is something that applies to even. i think almost everybody has a smartphone now that they take home, their work gave them, you feel all kinds of pressure to be on call all of the time. what do you think? >> i think that that part of it stinks. i think it's ruined family life. i think there's a statistic that ruins marriages. the first thing people do when they wake up is check their blackberry. however, welcome to the united states of america where you have freedom. so if you don't want t
of the greatest dying cities in america. today the president is talkin about them in the state of the union. they have turned the corner. this actually worked. i'm happy to take you all with me to see it. >> morgan, could this not only turn communities around, but really create jobs? >> you know, i love that concept, but it's a day late and a dollar short. we're already seeing the private market all over this. about $10 billion estimated by jp morgan from the private sector going into these projects already. we lost 2 million construction jobs in the down turn. we've soon 300,000 add. if you look where they've been added, that's in new home construction and it's in trade contractors. so we're talking about remodeling and maintenance of buildings already existing. you want to create jobs? create jobs around infrastructure because those are the construction workers that are still out of work. >> and steve, the thing about fixer uppers is people buy places that are distressed thinking that if they fix it up them they was, they'll be able to turn around and make a nice profit. >> sure. people i
, and anything fun in new york city is in the right this time. bloomberg view stowed what could have been the most aggressive measure to have employers ignore unemployed job seekers. it bans ads say unemployed need not apply,ut this one let'ses rejected applicants sue employers. all this does is produce more lawsuits, not more jobs. you can't make blanket laws like this. that's my who twenties more. that's all for tonight's willis report. thank you for joining us have a great night. see you back here monday. ♪ . good night from new york. >> to serve men, it's a cook book. ♪ >> no, no! hey, no! neil: yeah, a cook book, but it's too late, or is it? forget about selecting from the health care menu, we are on the menu. ♪ welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, and what is it with all the publican governors marching like zombies into what looks like a federal health care abyss? rick scott in florida, jan brewer in arizona, for various reasons essentially doing the same thing. the cost of fighting, particularly this whole medicaid thing is over the top. now, i feel the pain, but if they thin
city right now. an ideolog either believes it is always the right time to cut taxes, always the right time to cut spending, or always the right time to increase spending or always the right time to increase taxes or always the right time to do whatever their ideology requires. in your opening statement, you point out that our -- the fed is adopting a different approach. you actually have different policies for different business conditions and would have a -- your line is 6.5% unemployment along with some other factors. the national debt is a growing cancer, but this is an economy that is still dpsh that suffered a heart attack in 2008, and you don't administer chemotherapy while the patient is still in the cardiac icu. would the markets have confidence in congress, and it's hard to think of whether they would ever have confidence in congress, if we had statutory provisions which, like your policies, had a trigger and moved towards a more contractionary fiscal policy with this 6.5% unemployment rate. >> the time of the gentleman is expired, and the chairman can answer the question in
met you. >> that is how we met each other many years ago unfortunately. new york city financial crisis in the mid '70s, there was a major investigation. congressional investigation and securities & exchange commission investigation of standard & poor's at that point, correct. >> absolutely. i just started right when that was happening. >> is this biggest case since then? >> yes. absolutely. >> there we go. guys, back to you. melissa: charlie gasparino, thanks so much. interesting stuff. lori: let's check markets for you. nicole is on the floor of the stock exchanges. looks like the dow is providing a little bit of a reassistance. >> sitting on level of 13,999. that's true. it is a psychological level. today at highest point we were at 14,006. we were hovering around all these levels. bulls are happy we didn't give back the gains we've seen. dow component disney will be one to watch. we watched hit all-time high after all-time high. it is up 3/4 of 1% over last 52 weeks. disney has been a great performer up over 52%. chipolte, aflac, zynga, cme group, bank of america going to a buy from
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)